A Backflow Preventer That Can Handle The Pressure

Forged Swing & Piston Check Valve

Forged valves are created using a forging method that involves shaping metals while they’re in their solid form. Forged valves have a reputation for being strong, which make them ideal for handling high-pressure and high-temperature systems.


Handles high pressures & temperatures

Chaoda Swing and Piston Check Valves are the ideal choice for back flow prevention.

Dimensions & Ranges

Design Options

  • Design Standard:
    API 602

  • Size Range:
    ½” to 2”

  • Pressure Range:
    Class 150 – 1500 *

  • End Connections:
    Socket Weld, Threaded, Flanged *

  • Inspection and Testing:
    API 598 Leakage Test

  • Socket Weld End Dimensions:
    ASME B16.11

  • Threaded End Dimensions:
    ASME B1.20.1

  • Flanged End Dimensions:
    ASME B16.5

  • Pressure-Temperature Ratings:
    ASME B16.34, API 602

* Consult sales team for additional sizes, pressure classes and end connections.

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