Manufacturing Capabilities

Our Many Facilities

We are a fully integrated manufacturer owning all of the processes required to produce our valves. From the design, to the foundry, to the machining and processing, to the assembly and test, we own it and control it. This streamlined, tightly controlled system generates highly consistent product tailored to your needs at a cost that won’t break the budget.


Ball Valve Plant & Chaoda Group HQ

Facility Scope: Machining, Assembly/Test of Floating & Trunnion Ball Valves, Soft-Seated & Metal-Seated Valve Design, Engineering, Quality Support, and Sales
Production Capacity: 14,000 valves per month
Facility Size: 344,445 sq-ft
Number of Employees: 260
CNC Machining Centers: 69
Heat Treatment Furnace Capacity: 250 Tons per month
On-Site NDE: MT, PT

Our busiest manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced CNC machines and fixturing to produce ball valves efficiently with a high degree of quality. This manufacturing facility also houses our cutting-edge coatings application equipment and grinding equipment, which makes us a powerhouse in metal-seated ball valve production.


Gate, Globe & Check Valve Plant

Facility Scope: Machining, Assembly & Test of Gate, Globe & Check Valves
Production Capacity: 15,000 valves per month
Facility Size: 861,112 sq-ft
Number of Employees: 270
On-Site NDE: MT, PT

This is our newest manufacturing facility and truly massive, with over 800,000 square feet of under roofline in a number of buildings across the campus. This scale allows us to produce large project orders on aggressive delivery timelines.


Casting Foundry

Facility Scope: Production of Investment & Resin Sand Castings
Production Capacity: 1,000 Tons per month
Facility Size: 495,140 sq-ft
Number of Employees: 302
Heat Treatment Furnace Capacity: 1,200 Tons per month
VOD Furnace Capacity: 80 Tons per Month
On-Site NDE: RT, MT, PT, UT

Chaoda’s owned foundry is recently-built (2015) and state-of-the art, equipped with the latest technology including bottom-pouring ladles and vacuum oxygen decarburization (VOD) equipment to allow us to produce superior quality in a wide variety of metallurgies.


Forging Foundry

Facility Scope: Production of Closed Die & Open Die Forgings
Production Capacity: 150 Tons per month
Facility Size: 69,965 sq-ft
Number of Employees: 50

At this facility we produce both closed die forgings for small valve bodies (API 602 design and API 608 design threaded/socketweld ball valves) as well as open die forgings to manufacture balls, seat rings, stems, and other small components. This facility has a high degree of automation including robotic manipulator arms to transfer raw forgings between presses. This facility is a cornerstone of our vertical integration approach, allowing us to produce virtually all metal components for our valves in Chaoda-owned facilities.

Missouri City, TX USA

Chaoda USA HQ

Facility Scope: Distribution, Engineering, Quality Support, and Sales
Facility Size: 30,000 sq-ft
Number of Employees: 20

Chaoda’s Western Hemisphere headquarters is located in Texas to serve the specific needs of our valued end users with inventory, technical support and a range of value-added services.

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